Reading Prep Program K4, K5
4 year olds–3 Day or 4 Day Week Option  
* Choice of days: Monday thru Wednesday or Monday thru Thursday    
  * 3 Day Week Tuition $1950/year plus upfront fees
  * 4 Day Week Tuition $2250/year plus upfront fees

5 year olds (For those who do not test into the Reading Program)–5 Day Week Monday thru Friday

  *5 Day Week Tuition $2550/year plus upfront fees
Reading Program

Students must pass the Reading Readiness Test and the Coordination Development Test at the beginning of the year before beginning this program.

* 5 day week Monday thru Friday

* 5 Year olds $2800/year plus upfront fees

* New students coming in who qualify for this program and would be in the 1st or 2nd grade will pay the 1st & 2nd grade level tuition. $3500/year plus upfront fees.
Main Learning Center Grades 1-12 

New students will take a diagnostic test to determine their beginning level for each subject.

Grades 1-5   $3500/year plus upfront fees

Grades 6-12 $4500/year plus upfront fees
**Curriculum Fee is a minimum and may increase depending on grade level and subjects/PACES taken. Cost of Assessment Testing and Stanford Testing are inclusive in Curriculum Fee.
*Returning students do not need to pay the Registration/Application Fee
*Field trips, enrichment courses and special activities will all have their own separate costs.
*Accreditation Fee (for interested 11th & 12th graders) $200

*Fees are non-refundable.