Dear Friends and Family,

The Lord strongly laid on our hearts to provide a way for families to be able to give their children quality Christian education at an affordable cost. So in the fall of 2016 we opened NW Christian Academy.

The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” With our public school system going in the direction it is culturally and academically, we have seen the strong need for children to be trained in a different atmosphere. Many parents would like to choose to homeschool their children, but due to the need to work or in wanting a more social atmosphere for their children, personally homeschooling might not be a feasible option for them. And private Christian school can often be a challenge financially for families.


NW Christian Academy began as a “Homeschool away from home.” We teach students preschool through 12th grade, primarily using the Accelerated Christian Education program, while also using some other curriculum for younger children and to supplement high school. Students are taught the core academic subjects plus Bible and music and will be given the opportunity to choose electives that teach everyday life skills that create well rounded, balanced young people full of character, integrity and love for Jesus! This curriculum is customized for the needs and level of each student and helps them set goals and reach them! There are honors classes, college prep classes and coaching, as well.

Would you consider partnering with us financially to educate young people in a quality environment? There are many costs to start up a school- furniture, supplies, computers, advertising, and staffing are some of the upfront financial needs. Our goal is to keep the cost of attending our school affordable for families. You might even pray about sponsoring a student to attend.

If you would be interested in investing in the lives of young people this way please send a check made out to Life Church NW and designated “school”, or donate below through our Church Center Online giving page.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we follow the leading of the Lord in educating and training our young people in serving the Lord!

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