Our goal at NW Christian Academy is to create an environment where students are healthy and safe. Please see our health guidelines below.
All students must be current on immunizations, or certified exempt by the State of Washington, and free from infectious diseases. Certificates of immunizations must be on file in the school office by the first day of school.
When should you keep your child home?
*If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. His/her temperatures needs to be normal for 24 hours
 before returning to school.
*If your child has been vomiting.
*If your child is not feeling well- croupy cough, sore throat, excessive sneezing (especially if the discharge is 
*If your child has an unexplained or infectious rash. Please confirm with your physician if you aren’t sure of the 
 cause of the rash.
In the event that your child develops a fever or the above symptoms while at school, we will contact you or those on your emergency contact list for your child to be picked up early from school.