School Dress Code

We, at NW Christian Academy embrace modesty and respect in our school dress code guidelines. This includes respect for ourselves and for those we’re interacting with. It is a code of honor to our Lord, to ourselves and to others.

1 Timothy 2:9, Romans 12:1
We do not have a specific school uniform, but guidelines for students to follow.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Regular School Dress Code

  1. Modest: Clothing that is not modest in nature should not be worn. Ie: very short skirts or shorts, tank tops and shirts with very thin straps, clothing that is sheer or see-through. Pajamas (unless for a special school occasion) should not be worn at school.
  2. Decent and respectful: Clothing and items (including backpacks, binders, etc.) that represent or depict violence, drugs, alcohol, sexual imagery, gangs or statements contrary to our Christian values may not be worn to school.
  3. Safe: Shoes worn to school should be safe for running and playing. Sandals should have back straps.
  4. Clean and in good repair

PE and Field Trips   Students should wear appropriate personal athletic attire that follows the regular school dress code for PE. Athletic shoes/tennis shoes should be worn.   Appropriate clothing that lines up with our regular dress code should be worn for field trips.   There may be special school outings or activities where specific clothing guidelines are given, ie: school performances, outreach trips, competitions, etc.