Good school attendance is important for consistent learning. Interruptions in your child’s attendance can affect
their focus and cause a set back.
We do know there are times when your child will be absent due to illness, trips or other circumstances.
If you are planning a trip, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior to your trip by filling out a pre-approved absence form.
If your child will be absent on any day due to illness or another reason, please call or text us at 425-876-6456 the night before or before school begins on the morning they will be absent.
Parents or Guardians much check your child in on the check-in ipad each day, as well as check your child out at pick up.
Drop off for school is between 8:30am and 8:45am.
School begins at 8:45am each day. Please have your child at school before school begins. Any time past 8:45am and your child will be considered tardy.b
After School Pick-up
School ends at 2pm. We will open the school door at 2 when the students are ready to go. Please wait to come into the school until 2pm as some students may be finishing up a task or activity right up until dismissal time.
Please respect our teachers’ schedules and pick your child(ren) up promptly at 2pm. In the event that you would be late, please let us know by calling or texting 425-876-6456.